1: "The question on everyone's mind - Will Simone Biles compete at the 2024 Olympic Games?"

2: "After her incredible performance at Tokyo 2020, fans are eager to see Biles return."

3: "As a decorated gymnast, Biles has the skill and experience to compete in 2024."

4: "However, Biles has not officially confirmed her participation in the upcoming Olympics."

5: "Some speculate that Biles may choose to focus on other endeavors instead of competing."

6: "Regardless of her decision, Biles will always be remembered as one of the greatest gymnasts."

7: "Fans will have to wait and see if Biles will make a comeback in 2024."

8: "Her talent and determination make her a strong contender for the Olympic Games."

9: "Stay tuned for updates on Simone Biles and her potential participation in the 2024 Olympics."