1: Title: Up Your Potato Game Content: Elevate your roasted potatoes with these secret ingredients.

2: Title: 1. Smoked Paprika Content: Add a smoky depth to your potatoes with this spice.

3: Title: 2. Parmesan Cheese Content: Grate some Parmesan for a cheesy, savory kick.

4: Title: 3. Dijon Mustard Content: Brush on some mustard for a tangy twist.

5: Title: 4. Cumin Content: Sprinkle cumin for a warm, earthy flavor.

6: Title: 5. Lemon Zest Content: Brighten up your potatoes with fresh lemon zest.

7: Title: 6. Garlic Powder Content: Infuse your potatoes with garlicky goodness.

8: Title: 7. Rosemary Content: Roast potatoes with fragrant rosemary for an aromatic touch.

9: Title: 8. Honey Content: Drizzle honey for a sweet and sticky coating.