1: Transform Jiffy Cornbread Mix into savory muffins loaded with cheddar cheese and jalapenos for a spicy kick.

2: Turn Jiffy Cornbread Mix into a sweet treat by adding honey, dried cranberries, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

3: Upgrade Jiffy Cornbread Mix with diced ham, green onions, and sharp cheddar for a hearty and satisfying cornbread.

4: Make a batch of Jiffy Cornbread Mix pancakes by adding buttermilk, vanilla extract, and a dash of nutmeg for a breakfast twist.

5: Number 5 is a must-try! Create fluffy mini cornbread loaves by mixing Jiffy Cornbread Mix with creamed corn and diced red peppers.

6: Add a Tex-Mex twist to Jiffy Cornbread Mix by mixing in green chilies, black beans, and shredded pepper jack cheese.

7: Whip up a batch of Jiffy Cornbread Mix biscuits by adding cold butter, buttermilk, and a sprinkle of garlic powder.

8: Give Jiffy Cornbread Mix a Mediterranean flair with feta cheese, diced olives, and a drizzle of olive oil before baking.

9: Experiment with adding pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and nutmeg to Jiffy Cornbread Mix for a festive fall twist.