1: "The Walking Dead" stars Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira set to return in new spinoff with title and trailer.

2: Fans thrilled as Rick Grimes and Michonne reunite in upcoming series announcement.

3: Excitement builds as first look at new spinoff from "The Walking Dead" franchise drops.

4: Rick and Michonne's story continues in highly anticipated television event.

5: The dynamic duo of Lincoln and Gurira promises thrilling new adventures in spinoff series.

6: New trailer showcases Rick and Michonne's epic journey in post-apocalyptic world.

7: Long-awaited spinoff title revealed, sparking speculation among loyal fan base.

8: Lincoln and Gurira's return reignites buzz for beloved characters and their future.

9: Stay tuned for more updates on Rick and Michonne's spinoff as anticipation grows.