1: RFK Jr.'s false claims lead to PolitiFact naming his conspiracy theories as the 2024 Lie of the Year.

2: Debunking RFK Jr.'s misleading statements about vaccines and COVID-19 on PolitiFact's radar.

3: PolitiFact exposes RFK Jr.'s misinformation on vaccines as harmful to public health.

4: RFK Jr.'s campaign of conspiracy theories earns him PolitiFact's top dishonor in 2024.

5: Fact-checkers reveal the dangerous impact of RFK Jr.'s unfounded vaccine claims.

6: PolitiFact calls out RFK Jr.'s baseless accusations as the biggest lie of 2024.

7: RFK Jr.'s misleading narratives are scrutinized by PolitiFact in the age of disinformation.

8: PolitiFact highlights RFK Jr.'s deceptive tactics in spreading conspiracy theories.

9: RFK Jr.'s dubious statements labeled as PolitiFact's 2024 Lie of the Year for their false nature.