1: Real Weapons in WWE Discover the truth behind the real weapons used in WWE Raw and Smackdown. From steel chairs to kendo sticks, learn how these props add excitement to the matches.

2: Fake Weapons in WWE Uncover the secrets of the fake weapons seen in WWE Raw and Smackdown. Find out how superstars create illusions of violence using items like breakaway tables and rubber hammers.

3: Steel Chairs Steel chairs are a staple in WWE matches, providing a dramatic impact when used by superstars. Learn how these props are carefully choreographed to entertain fans.

4: Tables Tables are often broken during intense WWE matches, adding to the drama and excitement. Discover how superstars execute these stunts safely while creating a memorable moment for fans.

5: Kendo Sticks Kendo sticks are used in WWE matches to deliver swift strikes and enhance the action in the ring. Learn how these props are incorporated into choreographed fights for maximum impact.

6: Sledgehammers Sledgehammers are a powerful prop in WWE matches, symbolizing the strength and brutality of the superstars wielding them. Explore how these fake weapons contribute to the storytelling in Raw and Smackdown.

7: Barbed Wire Barbed wire is occasionally used in extreme WWE matches to create a sense of danger and chaos. Understand how superstars navigate the challenges of working with this dangerous prop safely.

8: Ladders Ladders are versatile props in WWE matches, providing opportunities for high-flying stunts and daring moves. Discover how superstars strategically incorporate these fake weapons into their performances.

9: Fire Extinguishers Fire extinguishers are sometimes used as props in WWE matches to create a visual spectacle and surprise opponents. Learn how superstars use these fake weapons to add excitement to Raw and Smackdown.