1: 1. Emotional farewells from Pat Sajak and Vanna White. 2. Special moments with long-time contestants. 3. Surprise reunions with former co-hosts and crew members.

2: 4. Heartfelt tributes from celebrity guests and viewers. 5. Incredible prizes, giveaways, and unforgettable memories.

3: 6. Behind-the-scenes secrets revealed by the show's producers. 7. A look back at Pat's iconic moments and catchphrases.

4: 8. The unveiling of a special "final spin" wheel. 9. A grand finale celebration with fireworks and fanfare.

5: 10. Spin-offs and future plans for Wheel of Fortune. 11. Pat's legacy and impact on game show history.

6: 12. Vanna White's touching tribute to her longtime co-host. 13. Final reactions and reflections from the show's contestants.

7: 14. Exclusive interviews with the show's production team. 15. A look at the show's cultural impact over the years.

8: 16. Rare footage and bloopers from Pat's final episode. 17. Guest appearances from past winners and iconic contestants.

9: 18. A special message from Pat Sajak to his loyal fans. 19. The end of an era: saying goodbye to a TV legend.