1: New NCIS Spinoff Show Exciting news for NCIS fans! A new spinoff series is in the works featuring beloved characters Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo.

2: Ziva David Returns Fans will be thrilled to see the return of Ziva David, played by Cote de Pablo, in the new NCIS spinoff show.

3: Tony DiNozzo's Comeback Michael Weatherly will reprise his role as Tony DiNozzo, adding to the anticipation for the upcoming series.

4: Dynamic Duo Ziva and Tony's chemistry and crime-solving skills will once again captivate viewers in this exciting new NCIS spinoff.

5: New Partnerships The spinoff will introduce new characters and partnerships, while still focusing on the dynamic duo of Ziva and Tony.

6: Action-Packed Storylines Expect thrilling action sequences, suspenseful plots, and plenty of surprises in the new NCIS spinoff featuring Ziva and Tony.

7: Fan Favorites Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo have always been fan favorites, and their return in this spinoff promises to be a treat for loyal viewers.

8: Intriguing Mysteries Get ready for more twists and turns as Ziva and Tony tackle intriguing mysteries in their latest crime-solving adventures.

9: Coming Soon Stay tuned for more updates and announcements about the highly anticipated NCIS spinoff show starring Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo.