1: False Fact: Brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. Truth: Egg color is determined by the breed of the hen, not nutritional value.

2: False Fact: Eating eggs raises cholesterol. Truth: Eggs are nutrient-dense with healthy fats and do not significantly impact cholesterol levels.

3: False Fact: Egg yolks are bad for your heart. Truth: Yolks contain essential nutrients and do not increase the risk of heart disease.

4: False Fact: Washing eggs removes nutrients. Truth: Washing eggs removes potential bacteria, but does not affect the nutrient content.

5: False Fact: Eggs should be stored with the pointed end down. Truth: Egg storage orientation does not impact freshness or quality.

6: False Fact: Eggshell color affects taste. Truth: Eggshell color is purely aesthetic and has no impact on flavor.

7: False Fact: Raw eggs are safer than cooked eggs. Truth: Raw eggs can contain bacteria, so cooking eggs thoroughly is important for food safety.

8: False Fact: Only egg whites are healthy. Truth: Egg whites are low in calories, but the yolk contains essential vitamins and minerals.

9: False Fact: Eating too many eggs is harmful. Truth: Enjoy eggs in moderation as part of a balanced diet for their health benefits.