1: "Pomeranian: small breed, big heart. Live up to 16 years!"

2: "Chihuahua: tiny but mighty. Can reach 20 years of age!"

3: "Dachshund: long-bodied, long life. Often live 12-16 years."

4: "Maltese: fluffy and fabulous. Reach 12-15 years on average."

5: "Yorkshire Terrier: small but sturdy. Can live 14-16 years!"

6: "Shih Tzu: loyal and loving. Average lifespan of 10-16 years."

7: "Pug: cute and charming. Can live up to 15 years."

8: "Beagle: friendly and fun. Typically live 12-15 years."

9: "Labrador Retriever: loyal and loving. Can live 10-12 years on average."