1: 1. Prep ahead with simple yogurt parfaits. 2. Blend a nutritious smoothie with hidden veggies. 3. Make mini omelettes with favorite toppings.

2: 4. Serve avocado toast with fun toppings. 5. Bake healthy banana bread or muffins. 6. Try DIY breakfast bowls with colorful ingredients.

3: 7. Whip up easy chia seed pudding. 8. Offer fruit kabobs for a playful twist. 9. Create custom breakfast toast creations.

4: 10. Try savory oatmeal bowls with cheese and veggies. 11. Make quick egg cups with cheese and herbs. 12. Offer homemade granola bars for a grab-and-go option.

5: 13. Serve up apple slices with nut butter or yogurt dip. 14. Try mini frittatas with favorite mix-ins. 15. Make simple overnight oats with favorite toppings.

6: 16. Try a Mediterranean-inspired yogurt and fruit parfait. 17. Make mini breakfast quesadillas with cheese and veggies. 18. Offer a DIY breakfast sandwich bar with assorted toppings.

7: 19. Blend a green smoothie with spinach and fruit. 20. Serve up a colorful fruit salad with honey and mint. 21. Make easy Greek yogurt pancakes with berries.

8: 22. Try a customizable smoothie bowl with toppings. 23. Make warm whole grain waffles with fresh fruit. 24. Try DIY breakfast tacos with eggs and salsa.

9: 25. Offering homemade granola with yogurt and honey. 26. Create custom fruit and cheese platters. 27. Try a Mediterranean-inspired breakfast wrap with hummus.