1: 1. Rachel Getting Married: Hathaway shines in this emotional family drama.

2: 2. Song One: A touching music-themed film featuring Hathaway's talent.

3: 3. Havoc: Hathaway delivers a powerful performance in this gritty drama.

4: 4. Passengers: A heartfelt romantic drama starring Hathaway and Chris Pratt.

5: 5. Song One: A music-centered film showcasing Hathaway's versatility.

6: 6. Love & Other Drugs: Hathaway stuns in this romantic comedy-drama.

7: 7. Becoming Jane: Hathaway shines in this period drama about Jane Austen.

8: 8. The Devil Wears Prada: Hathaway dazzles as a young journalist in the fashion world.

9: 9. Colossal: Hathaway gives a standout performance in this unique sci-fi monster movie.