1: Garden fertilizer - Crush eggshells and sprinkle around plants for a calcium boost.

2: Homemade seed starters - Fill eggshells with soil and plant seeds for easy transplanting.

3: Pest repellent - Scatter crushed eggshells in the garden to deter slugs and snails.

4: Coffee cleaner - Use eggshells to scrub and remove stubborn stains from coffee pots.

5: Skin exfoliator - Ground eggshells make a gentle exfoliating scrub for glowing skin.

6: Bird feeder - Hang eggshells filled with seeds for a fun and eco-friendly bird feeder.

7: DIY chalk - Mix crushed eggshells with water and flour to create homemade chalk.

8: Household abrasive - Use eggshells to clean hard-to-reach spots like bottles and vases.

9: Freshen laundry - Add eggshells to your washer or dryer for a natural fabric softener.