1: 1. Arctic Fox - Known for its stunning white fur and bushy tail. 2. Snow Leopard - Majestic big cat found in the mountains of Central Asia. 3. Peacock - Vibrant and colorful bird with a beautiful tail display.

2: 4. Blue Morpho Butterfly - Stunning blue wings that shimmer in the sunlight. 5. Bengal Tiger - Striking orange coat with black stripes, a true icon. 6. Scarlet Macaw - Vibrant red and blue feathers make this bird stand out.

3: 7. Mandarin Duck - Exotic duck species with elaborate and colorful plumage. 8. Golden Pheasant - Brightly colored bird with long tail feathers. 9. Red Panda - Adorable and fluffy mammal with red fur and a striped tail.

4: 10. Flamingo - Elegant pink bird known for its long legs and graceful stance. 11. Toucan - Colorful bird with a large, colorful bill and striking plumage. 12. Amur Leopard - Rare big cat with a beautiful spotted coat.

5: 13. Blue Jay - Vibrant blue bird with a crest on its head. 14. Kingfisher - Small bird with bright colors and a long, sharp beak. 15. Malayan Tapir - Unique black and white mammal with a distinctive snout.

6: 16. Orchid Mantis - Insect that resembles a flower with its pink and white colors. 17. Golden Lion Tamarin - Small monkey with a golden mane and fluffy tail. 18. Mandarin Fish - Colorful fish with bright orange, blue, and green hues.

7: 19. Peacock Spider - Small spider with colorful patterns resembling a peacock. 20. Orchid Bee - Shiny, metallic bee species with bright colors. 21. Axolotl - Cute and unique amphibian with feathery gills.

8: 22. Quetzal - Colorful bird with iridescent green plumage. 23. Fennec Fox - Small fox with large ears and sandy fur. 24. Harpy Eagle - Majestic bird of prey with powerful talons.

9: 25. Okapi - Striped mammal with a horse-like body and a zebra-like pattern. 26. Mandrill - Colorful primate with a vibrant face and rear end. 27. Black Panther - Melanistic leopard with a sleek black coat.