1: Looking for a chic new hairstyle? Check out these 10 attractive short haircuts for women!

2: The bob is always a classic choice. Try a sleek, asymmetrical bob for a modern twist.

3: Pixie cuts are bold and stylish. Opt for a textured pixie for a fun and edgy look.

4: Feeling daring? Try a trendy undercut to add an extra edge to your short haircut.

5: Need a low-maintenance style? A layered bob is perfect for a polished yet effortless look.

6: Spice up your short haircut with some bangs. Blunt or side-swept, bangs can add dimension to your style.

7: For a timeless look, go for a classic short shag. It's versatile and always in fashion.

8: If you want a flirty and feminine style, consider a layered pixie. It adds volume and texture to your hair.

9: Embrace your natural curls with a curly bob. It's low-maintenance and perfect for a carefree vibe.